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Trading in your Pocket with MetaTrader 5


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MetaTrader 5, Android app for forex and stock market

MetaTrader 5 is an Android application that makes you available trading in Foreign exchange and stock markets using your Smartphone or Tablet. All you require is the device must be powered on Android OS. The root benefit of this application is it let’s you monitor your account, analyse your history and trade in financial markets no matter where you are. As it is a mobile based application it will be easy and convenient. It is bound to help you in case of urgency or unavailability of accessing your laptop.

As it was for iPhone, MetaTrader 5 for Android too, is free of cost. To start using MetaTrader 5, you’ve to follow simple two step process. Firstly, download this app for free from Play Store which is preloaded on your Android device. After installing, run the application and enter your details to open an account. Then, select your broker and its done. Nothing more. You can see your account details on your screen and start trading. The entire financial markets are just one click away from you, thanks to MetaTrader 5.

The MetaTrader 5 for Android runs only on a smartphone or tablet PC which is powered by Android OS 2.1 or higher. Generally, nowadays, each of the Android handset supports version 2.1 or higher. So, that doesn’t prove to be any difficulty. The application will use your default cellular or WiFi network, whichever you’ve assigned, for its functioning. It is highly recommended to upgrade the application frequently for better features and use.

So, as the disclaimer of MetaTrader 5 says, Download MetaTrader 5 for Android and access financial markets from anywhere in the world to trade or analyze your trading history.

Well, if you just desire to check out the efficiency of this application without entering your personal details, you can do it as MetaTrader 5 avails the demo account facility. If not, you can simply enter your own details.

Trading in your pocket with MetaTrader 5


Detailed Guidance on working of GUI

The whole interface of MetaTrader 5 is divided into two areas. The main area and the top panel. The GUI is so designed to let you switch between the main functions of the program. The top panel allows you the access to following sections-

  • Quotes, this is the window that described prices of financial instruments.
  • Charts, this window enables price charts.
  • Trade, it gives you the view your currents status. Also, it gives you availability of working on pending orders.
  • History, as the name suggests, it shows your trade history.

The menu section let’s you do the actual trading or put any order on pending, depending upon the tab you’ve opened.

Here are the few advantages of using MetaTrader 5

1. Financial markets in your pocket:

Well, surely a nice platform as it saves both, your time and money by making trade available on your mobile.

2. Working in various markets:

It let’s you work in various markets like Forex, Stock, etc. It doesn’t limit its availability for a single market.

3. New kind of order execution:

It let’s you execute four types of operations: Market, Request, Instant, Exchange. It gives you support to a whole pack of new tools.

4. Trading reports:

It supports you with reports based on your trade. So that you can check out, analyse, plan, improve and build up a new strategy for next time.

5. Many tools for analysis:

It offers you: 21 timeframes, 39 graphical objects, 38 technical indicators, 4 scaling modes, 17 styles etc. Brilliant.

So, these are all awesome things MetaTrader has locked inside its hood. So, if you want a new way to access financial markets, what are you waiting for? Just download this excellent application.

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