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Clean Up, A Fast Cleaning Android App

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Clean up

Android has developed a lot from the old days and apps are getting populated everyday. While apps are being constantly flooded to Google play, a normal android user always looks for new and interesting apps. From browsing the web, playing games, reading online content, social networking and email accounts,  there are tons of apps to give you wide experience and usability.

But when it comes to tuning up your droid, you need some apps that completely clean up the mess created by these apps whether it is the cache, the junk files or any other waste traces. Well clean up is one solution to your problems and helps your droid keep tuned to be ready to follow your finger tips.

Clean UP is a fast cleaning Android App which can help you clean up cache and traces inside your mobile device.

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Clean UP not only cleans the droid at the software level,  but it also cleans up the speaker holes of your phone which get muffled by dust most of the times.

It comes  with 2 features

 1. Software Clean up

Clean Up clears the app cache thoroughly by examining each app carefully and analyzing if the cache is useful or no more needed.  Clean Up also checks for any open apps which can be closed and optimize battery life.

Apart from cleaning your droid by looking for app cache, it also looks for messages by looking into drafts, sent and inbox  folders and gives you an option whether to clean your mobile and free some space. Clean Up also cleans the saved passwords and private data from your browser which you don’t want anybody else to know.

Clean Up also takes it one step further by looking for phone calls and call history and asking if you want to wipe it or not.

software cleanupsoftware cleanup

2. Sound Cleanup

Now this is most unique feature of Clean Up which allows you to clean up your music speakers of your droid using its unique speaker cleaning algorithm which uses high phase shift music to throw out dust out of your speaker holes and thus enhancing your music experience. The app provides you the ability to adjust the setting of the sound cleanup to give optimal and customized ability to clean the speakers. You can adjust the phase shift, synthesizer, change the modulator, customize the resonator, even the equalizer while cleaning.

Besides sound cleanup you can even have a look at the harware of your droid by tapping the hardware panel.

 sound cleanup

Ultimately Clean Up is a very a good option for software as well as Hardware tune up , which will certainly keep your droid cleaned and boosted.

Availability : Free on Google play

Developer: Swan Software

Platform : Android

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