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Stalker App, Spy with iPhone or any iOS Device

If you are one of those who like stalking, peeping or spying somebody else for any reasons, then here is an app by Zeta  “Stalker ” which will allow to turn your iPhone or any of your iOS device to a personal spying camera. The app is so easy to use and so secure to operate that you will be pleased to have this app in your device powering your device to use its camera for spying or stalking. The app functions so secretly that even anybody beside won’t get any hint that you are spying somebody.

Stalker App, Spy with iPhone or any iOS device

Stalker is fast, loads quickly, featuring stealthy screen which is not visible to anyone, captures shots continuously without any need to care about tapping, clicking   and what more this app allows you to share the pic to social networking sites or you can email it someone.

Stalker is a well developed app which absolutely works in stealth mode with option to turn off the flash and secretly using camera so that no one even notices what you are doing.

Moreover Stalker is easy to step up and even more simplified to use, just your first time will give you all idea what do you need to start spying using Stalker.


To start and stop stalking you just need to tap anywhere on the screen and it notifies you via notification like normal text notification. The screen will turn to a dummy fooling app as soon as you start stalking. Nobody would notice what you are doing because the screen will show as if you are calling someone or using the media player and app doing the rest in stealth mode for you.

stealth mode       spy shots

Stalker allows you to change the settings where you can decide the quality of the photos this app captures for you. You can change the photo taking intervals from one second to every five seconds. You also have the option to turn off or on the flash in case you need it, and sharing options via email and social network accounts.


Finally Stalker supports many languages and it is compatible with all the IOS devices out there. With each updates new and more interesting features are added to Stalker and it deserves a try if you like spying.

Availability: $1.99 in App store (Stalker)

Developer: Zeta

Platform: currently IOS,  android version coming soon.

Image courtesy:  Apple Inc.


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