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Majon International- The Social Advertising Solution

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majon logoSocial Media has the potential to really help a small business to connect with millions of people. However, this potential usually cannot be reached until some serious time and effort has been expended in the area of social media marketing.

Without knowledge and connections in social advertising, it can take an enormous amount of time for a business to reach and actually connect with their targeted potential customers. So, one of the best ways to get the optimum benefit of a social media presence is to work both hard and smart on your targeted social advertising approach.

The way to do this in order to reach your targeted social advertising audience is through two basic options. One, either you can use a social media platform’s inbuilt advertising model (which is usually a very costly option) or you can get the assistance from a professional social media advertising agency.

One such well known advertising agency is Majon International. Majon.com is active in the business of providing social advertising for many years and has helped thousands of early stage start-ups and small scale businesses to grow their social media marketing presence and reach by providing them with solid and proven social advertising services.

The company specializes in several different dimensions of social advertising and internet marketing.

Majon.com helps businesses to get targeted Social Media fans and followers on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, They also do a pretty good job with Blog promotion and marketing too. Recently they have expanded to include HD video creation and marketing which seems to be really taking off for them. Majon can help businesses with low cost backlinking and SEO efforts and many other related website advertising and marketing services. Further details can be found on the company’s website.

For immediate exposure to your business from social advertising, they offer two choices available for businesses:

One is a popular Tweet advertising service that reaches 425,000 Twitter followers (Further details are available on their page) for a very reasonable price.

The other service on that sales page is for a direct social advertising service that reaches 2+ million people – half of which are USA consumers. That is their Facebook advertising service which we found to be rather impressive when we tested it’s results.

This is not just some advertising on Facebook groups but rather it includes actual posts to some very good quality Facebook fan pages – ones that reach an active audience of primarily USA people too!

Currently the service reaches 2+ million people for only USD 89. We understand they are adding another larger service that will reach 5+ million USA facebook users and consumers very soon too.

When this type of marketing is done right – and done every month – by a professional marketing company, it really helps to build the awareness of a business brand in the hearts and minds of a huge audience of 2+ million or more potential customers. With the results we saw first hand, it is some of the best advertising that you can get for the money and should be part of every online marketing strategy that truly desires to reach and build a connection of a wide audience of primarily USA people. Majon.com has some pretty good solutions that we would recommend.

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