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Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Amazing Tweets From Space [Organised]

Date: 03-14-12
Location: NBL
Subject: Expedition 35 (Soyuz 33S) crew members Tom Marshburn and Chris Hadfield during EVA training at the NBL.
Photographer: James Blair

Last year, I wrote a post about most epic tweets ever and my favorite one was the first Tweet sent from the space by astronaut TJ Creamer. Today, I am going to share something related to that only but much more exciting. Some best pictures and videos which you would never be able to see, If social media sites like Twitter or Facebook haven’t existed. ...

Top Social Apps for Windows 8


Social apps for Windows 8 and windows RT devices. These apps are available in Windows store and can be downloaded by search option in windows store. ...

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Micromax A116 Canvas HD


Samsung in hunt of becoming king of smartphone manufacturer has now started making phones and Phablets for budget range. When companies like Micromax and Karbonn are establishing themselves in mid segment or the budget range smartphones, Samsung won’t let lose its customers at any point. ...

American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages [Video]


I found this video when I was browsing Reddit. At first, It seemed nice to me but not extraordinary but when i went through the comments on the Post, everyone was stunned by the fluency of this guy in every language he is using in the video. ...

Monetizing social sharing with

Monetizing social sharing with

As we all know, sharing links on social networking sites helps in increasing the page rank of a blog as well as getting more traffic. You can get enormous traffic within a click, putting your Facebook & Twitter accounts to use. But now, you can even earn by sharing the links on social networking. ...

Best Women Safety Apps For Self Defense and Security

Best Women Safety Apps For Self Defence and Security

When safety and security of women is concerned, a smartphone can act as a powerful tool against crimes and abuses. Here are a bunch of apps exclusively developed keeping in mind the safety of women in the society and to fight against criminals. ...

How To Turn off Facebook Chat Seen Feature


I am not against Facebook chat seen feature but majority of the users surely are. Reason being its intrusion in our very own privacy. Facebook chat seen feature lets your friends know if you have viewed their chat message or not. Sometimes we see the message but cannot respond instantly due to which the person on the other side may feel offended. ...

Top 10 Music Players For Android

Top 10 Music Players For Android

Well many music enthusiast are always in hunt of apps which can fulfill their appetite to music. Well here are some of our recommendations to all music fanatics who need the most out of their droids when it comes to music.  All our recommendations are purely based on our testing results on device, the app popularity, ratings, downloads and apps which have spend the most time on Play store. ...

Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

Advanced Mobile care

The Advanced system care by IOBIT has arrived on android. If you had used advanced system care on PC, then you are already aware of what this app is going to provide. Android users are too much bothered about the battery life of their device thanks to multi-tasking support and back ground which has shortened the battery life of phones, and if some greedy app remains un-noticed ...

Today I Learned, 3 Most Interesting Facts About PayPal

paypal (1)

It’s been a long time since I last wrote in Today I Learned section. The sole reason for these posts not being published at a greater frequency is that there is a lot of research involved in a single post and writing a single post consumes a lot of time but since you all love reading them, I promise you that you will be getting a lot of these in coming days. ...

HTC ONE S C2 Detailed Review

HTC ONE S C2 Detailed Review

hi tech computers (hTC ) played the die of its fate with shrinking market share and declining market revenue and marginal profits by launching its ONE series smartphones in the market. The one series from hTC is by far the most exceptional performing and gorgeous looking phones with superior built quality and extraordinary performance. ...

Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows of 2012

Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows of 2012

In 2012, Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show with its each episode downloaded more than 4,280,000 times followed by Dexter which was 2011′s most pirated TV show. Here’s the List of top 10 most pirated TV shows of 2012 based on their average downloads of every single episode, ...